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Can we not play on Warzone 1 (using phone verified bnets) without multiplayer?


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I have my main, which has MW19 MP on it and I can play Warzone Caldera just fine, but I noticed on another one of my bnets (not phone verified because it's for non COD games) that I couldn't even click MW19/Warzone Caldera. It's greyed out.

So I went and copped a few phone verified bnets just to see what was up/test some things and while the bnets are indeed phone verified and Warzone 2 launches with no problems (can even link Activision accounts thru the old method) my PLAY button for MW19/Warzone Caldera is completely greyed out and says "You can't play Modern Warfare yet" when you hover over it.

What is this? Did they really change it so that you have to have MP installed to play Warzone 1/Caldera? 

Is it possible that something is messed up temporarily because I actually HAVE multiplayer installed on my PC? Would uninstalling and reinstalling MP have any effect? I'm willing to uninstall and reinstall but I'd like to know if that even works first before I bother.


If they really restricted Warzone Caldera on PC to only people who own multiplayer that's such a big fat L. 


PS: I've heard people on consoles that don't own MP are unable to download the Caldera packs to play Warzone 1...is this a bug or intentional and will they eventually fix it? 


Any feedback or help or even anecdotal reports are much appreciated.

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