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about Steam / "Dead Zone" and Stuff ^^



So everything seems to be working really well so far (MWII) . but it would be nice if you could answer a few questions for me when you have time.

1. what smooth values would you recommend to have good support and still look "legit"?

2. I don't understand the "dead zone"! ...in 14 years of cheeseing I have never seen this option. ^^

3. Which "deadzone" settings are "legit" and which are "rage"?

4. is the humanization always active in the aimbob?

5. I play via b-net, can I also open other programs after the injection such as Steam(!) Discord, Teamspeak, Opera/Twitch/Youtube?


Best regards and a nice weekend.

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1) Checkout the user configs section on site. Depends if you're controller or KBM.

2 and 3) Deadzone creates an area that forces you to rely on your natural aim vs the aimbot being active. Larger deadzone = more legit, smaller = more rage

4) Yessir it is

5) Yes, of course you can 🙂

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