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I Figured out how to project the legit screen with no "cheets" displayed on your secondary monitor for "monitor cam" bypass :D


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I used obs for this method. Im sure other platforms can achieve the same outcome. What you need to do in windows first is right click your desktop and go to display settings while having both monitors plugged in and detected. scroll down to multiple displays & make sure that it is set to "Extend these displays". after that open game with cheets on which ever monitor you will be using to cheet, then open obs and create a game capture/display capture source. right click the source and find the full screen projector option, there will be a little arrow next to it, hovering over it will show both monitors, project the source to your monitor that will be shown to your livestream audience using webcam/handcam. 

I highly suggest having your cheet monitor above your legit monitor, basically stacking on top of eachother, there are mounts for this you can buy. but this will help you see both screens without having to constanly shift your head left to right, it would raise suspicions from viewers. or you can find a setup that works best for you. this is a game changer! 

Heres video demonstration on how it works. Video Dem

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